almost whole

Posted on November 23, 2009


She looks well put together. She has what people would call the near perfect look. Clothes carefully paired with earrings that bring out the right shade of blue in her well-fitting yet not revealing shirt. Hair pulled back in a loose knot begging fingers to pull out the pins. Lips coloured a natural pink turned up just a bit in an artless, welcoming smile. But a closer look reveals the sheen of fraying fabric, pants that don’t quite fit held up by the silver clasp of her belt and the sleeves of her pretty blouse stop just shy of her wrists. The sparkle is fading and her perfume is tinged with the slightly unpleasant smell of perspiration.

She’s mastered the art of deception – drawing attention away from the shadows; highlighting the rich texture of her hair with greys carefully pencilled away, the gentle sweep of her eyebrows concealing fine lines around the once brownest eyes.

Her beauty refined over the years, still draws her her share of admirers. The gallant and the strong who once pawed at her door, are still in awe but keep their distance. The debauched now retire behind darkened corners to leer at leisure and the brave, toughened souls once spurned venture closer seeking warmth in her softened charm.

She’s done her rounds. Tread heartlessly on dreams laid at her feet.  Sharpened devious charms to snuggle into the pockets of the great coats. Slipped into carefully guarded chambers of guilt with her sly wit that won her favours that still line her shelves – or so at least the story goes.

The old women say her carefully guarded heart broke inside the hard shell she built around it. Others say she gave it away so long ago that it never mattered what happened after. I for one believe the old women, I believe in a last ditch attempt to make it past the pearly gates she took each of the broken pieces and began giving it away, spreading it to the hapless souls in the hope of getting back a heart cracked and misshapen but never-the-less almost whole to call her own.

So the cynics line up to pass judgement, the faint hearted scuttle away and the veterans of a war as old as time stand in line hoping to get their warm, throbbing, full blooded bit of her.

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